Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Science of Happiness

Today I'm going to be talking and analyzing the arguments that the TED Talk called " The Surprising Science of Happiness" offers to us. In this video, he exclaims that happiness can be synthesized and that comes with a quote that says "I am the happiest man alive, I have that I that can convert poverty into riches, adversity to prosperity, and I am even more vulnerable than Achilles; fortune hath no one place to hit me." Something is not really good when you don watch it three or four times and I had to watch this 4 times to notice that this TED talk gives a lot to talk about and the thing is that it talks about how people sees happiness as something that people creates on their imaginations. And people will see that you don need a lot of the things you have to be happy. He also comments that to be happy you need to have something like wealth, power, and prestige and lose it so you can see what the world looks really like. He also said that you need to spend a lot in prison and I don´t know if that's right but the lesson here is that you need to be miserable and then be a good person next in order to be happy. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017


I think that if I ask people what happiness means they are going to be like "happiness is feeling pleasure or something similar to it..." but I feel like happiness is not described like how it really is the definition that I have for happiness is something like an emotional state that is defined like combined positive emotions and by those emotions you feel joy.

But something sad about happiness is that it can go from a nice mood to a bad mood in just like seconds. You'll know when you're happy because you know that feeling really well, and if you don't... well.. you really would know when happiness comes, and you really have to appreciate and really enjoy that feeling because you don't know when that bad mood is going to come and just a little moment can make a huge difference in your mood.

There's a lot of things that can make you happy, and I'm not exaggerating, because something simple like the sunset, a really special moment that you had, family, friends, or maybe someone you like... maybe he/she make you a compliment, or even if they say is not true (maybe is not... I don't know) money can make you happy somehow. Happiness can be obtained in a lot of ways, but people also have to be careful because also you can go from happy to sad, or angry in so many ways.

Maybe people is unhappy because they don't know that they can be happy even for some of the little moments they have. People say that happiness is not true or that it's just a fake thing, and maybe is true, but since nobody knows if it's true or fake let's just enjoy it...

Monday, November 28, 2016


Humans will always try to imitate the ones from the same species, and they try to do that because they see the other people like a role model and those things that make the role models something special are called stereotypes. people try to imitate other people just because they see that they're good at something.

But they don't really know that the people that they are trying to imitate, have struggled even if they are good at some things.

But we don't notice that there are more people that can be imitated for good, and I have to say that they don't look just what appear to be. People might be different from what appear to be, or they might not be as good as people think.

Some people show to be a person who never has any error and a person who has a perfect life but when you know them really good, you will know that they don't have a perfect life, or that they have errors all time. and you notice that he is not the person who you thought he was: "That perfect person who everyone mentions".

And there're other people who appear to be a really poor and miserable person who never do anything in the correct way, but when you know them you will know that those people might be even more talented that you and those people who you thought were talented.

So, I think there's nobody to be stereotyped because you don't know how they life is until you meet them and know them better.